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We are pleased to announce our new release in GeoEnviron (GE) – Case Management Module. This new released module provides additional facilities in cases management handling and control.

With this new module, the users will enjoy the following:

  • Better tracking of cases (applications, complaints, enforcement etc.).
  • Users can include their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP – could be ISO procedures for example) into GE and use GE to monitor the compliance of SOP and progress of the cases. The users would get alerts (red shaded indication) for tasks exceeding allowable processing time.
  • Better documentation of cases – now you don’t have to run around looking for hardcopy files and related documents to the case – everything is archived and it is just a few clicks away to retrieve them!
  • Mail merge function – this is an integration to word processing software such as MS Words. Just a click from GE, you will get the standard template (e.g. reply letter, approval letter etc.) for further action.
With the implementation of the above, the organization would enjoy better time management and prioritization of case handling. Currently, this new module is being tested by the Natural Resources and Environmental Board Sarawak, Malaysia.

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