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Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS) Showcase in Sarawak

Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS), comprising a range of data capturing, mapping and database management systems integrated by Techninier Sdn. Bhd. was recently launched at a showcase event held in... Read More

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Mapping of Dam Reservoir in Sarawak

Eco-Ideal team has been engaged to undertake an aerial survey of a water dam reservoir in Sarawak. The survey will include the use of UAV as well as GIS modelling... Read More

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Integrated Database for Bengawan Solo River in Central Java

Bengawan Solo River is one of the most important river flowing through a vast river basin area. Like many developing countries, the river basin is suffering from pollution as a... Read More

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GeoEnviron Training in Kuching Sarawak

An internal training on Sarawak GeoEnviron Information System under the State Government of Sarawak will be held from 25-26th July 2013. Eco-Ideal will be facilitating the training and enhancing the... Read More

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GeoEnviron Web Application for Sarawak Energy (SEB)

Quick access to environmental monitoring data is becoming popular with the advancement of technology and IT solutions. Eco-Ideal in partnership with Geokon Denmark, has developed a web application extension to... Read More

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GeoEnviron in Sarawak Showcased in 5th National Geospatial Information Symposium (NGIS)

The Sarawak Environmental Information System based on GeoEnviron database management system was showcased at the 5th National Geospatial Information Symposium (NGIS) held in the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya. Y.... Read More

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European Software Excellence Awards 2012

Following the outstanding achievement in year 2010, once again in year 2012, GeoEnviron has been nominated as one of the finalists for the European Software Excellence Awards 2012 under the... Read More

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GeoEnviron Database Management System for Brunei

Dr. Erik Kirsbo, CEO of Geokon (developer of GE), CEO Soon HY and Manager Luk IP visited Brunei recently to explore the use of GeoEnviron in Brunei. A presentation was... Read More

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IGEM 2010

Eco-Ideal, together with our associates Veksebo and Geokon, participated in the 4 days exhibition at the IGEM 2010, held at the KL convention centre. Overall a successful event and we... Read More

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Computerworld Honors Program

GeoEnviron System had been nominated this year to participate in The Computerworld Honors Program and GeoEnviron System Implementation in Sarawak had been quoted by the honoree- Geokon A/S as the... Read More

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