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Leica DISTO A5 for Sale

Leica DISTO A5 Laser Distance Meter, the most versatile

Optimum functionality – with ergonomic design

Indoors or outdoors: The Leica DISTO A5 id your ever-reliable partner

The Leica DISTO A5 stands out thanks to both its ergonomic design and the soft rubber grip that allows it to sit well in the hand. With its unique end piece, wide range of additional functions and integrated view finder, the Leica DISTO A5 is fully equiped to tackle any measuring task. The most common calculating functions are of course quickly and easily accessed via the corresponding shortcut keys.

Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip

Fits perfectly in the hand, with soft rubber grip to ensure a firm hold.

Robust enough for outdoor use

The integrated optical viewfinder simplifies targeting over long distances

Multi-function flip-out end piece

The built in sensor automatically determines the correct zero point.

Feature Your benefit
Measuring range of 0.05 up to 200m (0.16 up to 650ft); typ. accuracy 1.5mm (0.06in) Fast and accurate measurement of short and long distances
Power Range Technology Allows measuring of long distances (approx. 100m) without target plate
Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip Instrument fits well in the hand
Integrated viewfinder with 2x magnification Ideal for measurement of longer distances
Room calculations Maximum results with minimum effort, no more manual calculations
Indirect height-/width measurement Measurement of inaccessible locations
Shortcut keys Extra-simple operation
IP54 Splash and dust proof – important for all professionals
Package Inclusive of:

Leica DISTO A5, holster, hand loop, batteries, manual, safety instructions, producer certificate 740689 (Available in US version too – with in/ft pre-settings 740690 and an tpy. Accuracy of ( 0.08in)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any quiries or for any further information.

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