Technological advancement shall be taken full advantage and Eco-Ideal is currently exploring the use of the popular UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) for environmental monitoring.

UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicles which can fly autonomously, semi-autonomously or manually steered by a pilot from the ground using a remote control. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground.

Example of application can be river pollution monitoring, pollution detection can be made faster and more efficient using UAV. They can navigate among predefined path and collect necessary image data to give near accurate results. Using UAV to survey and keep an eye for unlawful pollution of river basins will eliminates human labor, faster survey rates, more accurate and precise results at very economical expenditure can be obtained by a fully capable drone with complete autonomous capability, image detection and processing along with payload capacity. The UAV can be used to move along the course of the river to gather visual data and information to find out unlawful dumping of wastes in periodic intervals of time.

From UAV, it can collect information with installed remote sensors, including high resolution digital cameras, multispectral sensors and so forth to capture required data. Data will be processed and analysed further into useful information.

22 April 2015

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